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About the –ľovie dating site questions:

What pets have you had? Don't be chatting buddies for too long, or else you're going to get ghosted. When someone doesn't like you, they may try to give subtle clues to tell you to go away, but the problem is that some people don't get the hints. So there you have it.

Which member of your family are you closest to and why? What is your favorite thing about yourself? Don't be chatting buddies for too long, or else you're going to get ghosted.


What would you do if had enough money to not need a job? Think long sentences, smiley faces, exclamation marks, and lols. Initially, keep communication to potential sweethearts limited to the dating site itself.
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Why does this start with edging 1 min in like I can reach the edge in 1 min
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It's a lot easier to talk to someone on an app than in person, and that's OK! You can also start talking about what kind of traits you look for in a man, or that he looks for in a woman. If you could send one letter to yourself in the past without the goal of making yourself rich no lotto numbers, stock picks, etc. What is something on your bucket list that would surprise people?
Yeah, realistically speaking, the chances of any of us meeting Zac Efron and hooking up with him are probs pretty slim. Are you a morning or night person? What motivates you?

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