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About the –ľovie gemini and gemini:

If Geminis become too dependent or clingy, they can end up putting a damper on the love connection. They move in like a twister and whip this unity into a short-lived passion only to send a calming effect of warmth soon after. Will the relationship be complicated or one that will defy the odds?

Christine Schoenwald. Neither partner should make assumptions about acceptable bedroom play. Gemini is not looking to impress anyone. While Cancer, no matter the gender, will go to great lengths to replace the mother figure in your life, you might never quite feel comfortable about receiving so much from someone else.


After Aries makes its orbit of the world to bring in fresh energy after the cold winter, it stops showing off as the first child of the real year, and Taurus gets its chance to shine. Otherwise, passion may cool to a brother-sister vibe.
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Pisces romanticizes everything and Gemini falls in love three times a day. But one Gemini can embrace another as if embracing their own shadow. Cancer will be swept away and bending over backward to please Gemini. They are in no hurry for a big commitment. This gives you a lot of the variety you love, but it may not give you the reasonableness you demand.
The difference is Gemini falls fast and often. While Libra and Gemini have many shared interests, their emotions are wired quite differently. Quite the contrary actually, Virgo is the most vulnerable but they hate to let you know that. Pisces are extremely sensitive, and sensitivity isn't Gemini's strongest quality. They both have strong mental focus and, together, they can accomplish whatever they want.
Both of you are content with time spent away and time spent together. They have the passion of fire, but when taken too far, they are both stone cold. Plans are good for both of you.

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