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About the мovie studies show that over 2 million teenagers become pregnant every year.:

Gouws, Kruger and Burger are of the view that educators must be prepared and capable of offering emotional support to pregnant teenagers. The outcome of the pilot test led to the modification of two questions. Virtually all studies confirm that this is a dramatic historical change, particularly for young women.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the NRC they generally do not. The Rand study found that among young high-ability, affluent black women from homes with two parents, only about one in a hundred become single, teenage mothers. Girls with clear educational goals who are doing well in school are more likely to use contraception. Delaying such births markedly reduces such public outlays.


Educators fret over whether they have made it too easy for pregnant girls to get a diploma. The trouble is, nobody knows if these programs work. Similarly, in , there were 28 births per thousand women aged dropping dramatically to only 6 births per thousand women in If measures aimed at reducing teen pregnancy are not the quick fix for much of what ails American society, there is the powerful temptation to forget these young women altogether and allow them to slip back to their traditional invisible place in American public debate. You get to date earlier, you get to go to the prom earlier, you wear little provocative dresses earlier.
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Kurth F. Some efforts are also under way to raise the consciousness of media executives and help them be more aware of the possible effects on the young of the sexual attitudes portrayed on television. Figures are often based on age of the woman at pregnancy outcome.
Reducing teen pregnancy would almost certainly be a good thing. Schools may wish to embed evidence-based interventions EBIs in their sexual health education programs. Almost nothing that they see or hear about sex informs them about contraception or the importance of avoiding pregnancy. In recent years, however, they have become especially visible among the dependent poor for at least two reasons. Thus those who make adoption plans tend to have more prospects for the future.

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