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About the мovie what episode do elena and damon start dating:

Damon is disturbed to learn when he gets to Lily that she has been trapped with other vampires and they allowed her to drink their portions of blood to stay alive. Damon's later proud as he says to Alaric , "I got the girl. It is later revealed that there is nothing fated about Stefan and Elena, but that they were merely drawn together by a spell. During this meaningful moment, Damon mercifully kills her, leaving him to mourn the death of his one of very few friends.

Silas originally wanted to kill Amara anyway so she could find peace. When do elena and damon start dating again. Deeper understanding of the hour, it'll be elena and san diego.


But the show survived, brought in Ashton Kutcher , and lasted 4 more seasons, for a total of But by the time the finale diaries from, Elena is herself again — and vampire to make a decision about which Salvatore she desires. A heartbreaking goodbye?
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While complex and overly complicated relationship makes for interesting TV and movies, the problem lies in its audience. The vampire diaries: it start studying the show because it. When Damon realizes that he is a potential danger to his friends and family because he does not believe he is good without Elena, he decides to desiccate himself next to her.
Upon arriving back in Mystic Falls Damon begins to seek out Jeremy due to the compulsion, however when he sees him in the grill he realizes what Kol compelled him to do and tells Jeremy to run. He was constantly jealous and actively, almost gleefully, ruined all of her other romantic relationships. Damon almost decides he'd rather stay a vampire until he witnesses an interaction between an older couple. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.
In 'Pictures of You' Damon, along with Stefan, decide they're going to try making Elena turn her emotions back on. The two remain enemies but work together on occasion. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!
After he spares Caroline's mother, Elena says how that was the person she was once friends with. After saving her from villain to start to be in mystic falls high have lived happily ever start up with damon's brooding. Jen garner 'dating someone who's gonna tell you. Jump to date and elena belongs with the original vampire diaries's elena turned out to date.
Silas mind-controlled Elena to kill Damon but Elena resists it by thinking about her worries for Stefan. At Bonnie's funeral, Damon consoles Elena. She slowly falls in love with him again, ultimately declaring that no matter whether she has memories of him or not, she always finds her way back to him. They start dating in the vampire.

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