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About the –ľovie griswold cast iron:

While a bit of pitting is not a deal breaker, it may be an indicator of heat damage rather than just an uneven seasoning or burned oils built up over time. Griswold identification and dating main points. If cast iron gets used every day, it might not make sense to put them away after every single meal. You can probably see why the Griswold Small Logo is less collectible than other logos. The spider structure refers to short legs on the bottom of the pan so it can sit both on the cooktop and in coals.

Griswold Manufacturing marketed Victor cast iron as a lower grade however this does not mean lower quality. A new 9-inch skillet is much harder to handle than an antique of the same size. The Small Block logo were made between


The breakdown of when logos changed is easily traceable and a dedicated collector can quickly determine the age of a Griswold cast iron pan. Never use dish soap on cast iron. Erie skillets are also super smooth. Griswold Slant logo sizes. Skillets lost much of their character however there are some beautiful skillets around with the small block logo.
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Dating Griswold cast iron is fairly simple, thanks to the detail found in many Griswold cast iron price guide booklets. To Identify Puritans Skillets thats were made made Griswold look for the 4 digit pattern number below the size number. Photo by S. If the pan stays hot, the oil stays hot, even when you put cold food in it.
Later Victor cast iron skillets became embellished. Note the heat rings in the number 8 skillets tend to be more rounded. Weight is a good test to determine that you have an authentic antique piece of cast iron. In fact, almost any pieces made after has limited collector appeal and the quality is not as good as the earlier pieces.
These photos are used as an educational resource for anyone interested in cast iron. Griswold also used slant logo on smooth bottom pans. In the s she began publishing recipes and advice on cooking with cast iron using the pen name of "Aunt Ellen". You However you will most likely pick up a great Griswold skillet without a heat ring at a lower price. If you have a Griswold slant logo with EPU the manufacture date is around
The Cast Iron Collector also has some great information on cast iron store brands. You may pick a skillet with a small at a great price. Melt half a stick of butter in the pan. You can never use soap on cast iron. Forty dollars or less is what I like to pay for a 8 skillet.

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